A Lovin’ Meal.

imagesDuring the 2015 Super Bowl, Mc’Donald’s launched their promotional campaign commercial, “Pay With Loving.” Staring February 2, 2015 through February 14, 2015, Mc’Donald’s announced that they will be accepting a new form of payment.

Randomly chosen customers will have the opportunity to receive a free mean if they pay with spontaneous acts of love.

The question is, How random is this randomness?

“The Pay With Loving promotion is programmed into our registers, and customers get selected at a specific hour, minute and second,” says Manager Jonathan.

Below is the PWL Times Distribution Chart. This is the layout to how Mc’Donald’s controls how many total free meals they give out until the promotion is over.
Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 3.37.14 PM

“The limit is $5.60. After I tell the customer that they have randomly been selected to participate and they do any act of my choice to pay for their meal, I present them with a “I paid with love” pin. I then ask my customers to post a picture of the pin and their meal #mcdonalds on social media. #mcdonalds is a way to get the promotion trending. The reason Mc’Donald’s came up with this campaign is because they believe that they are slowly loosing their customers because the employees are nasty. This is a way that Mc’Donald’s thinks they will get their lost customers back,” Says Miles, Mc’Donald’s employee.

With two days left of the PWL Campaign, I hope Mc’Donald’s got the result they wanted.


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