A change to come.


Drastic changes will be taking place at the Howard Plaza Towers. Starting May 16th, 2015 Residence life has announced that both East & West Howard Plaza Towers will be closed for renovations. For the last 25 years, the Towers has been a place to call home for many students and faculty members. This renovation for the Towers is to renew one of Howard University’s iconic Residence Halls. As I walked the Halls of the East Towers, many minor problems with the building caught my attention. First, walking into the elevator as a resident tried to push the button for the level he was going to the light did not come on. Again, in the elevator, the ‘Car Call Cancel’ button was broken. (See Below)


I then decided to ask some residence of the Howard Plaza Towers to voice their opinions on how they feel about the Towers closing for the summer. “I think that its a much needed renovation for the Towers, I believe that this building has been going through some things that need to be changed.The Towers are one of the dorms that are being used 24/7-365, so I guess this is the time they chose to do it,” says Christopher Fredd, graduation grad student, East Towers resident at Howard University. Another resident I talked to seemed to disagree by saying, “I personally feel like the Towers closing this summer is an inconvience, especially to us who are rising seniors and juniors because it doesn’t really give us too many options for summer housing for those who want to stay and do summer school and stay in D.C and get the credits those need to graduate. It’s kind of like putting us out and giving us no place to stay.” -Karen Moore, rising senior, West Towers resident at Howard University.

Over the summer, the only dorms that will be available for summer housing will be College Hall North and South. Many residence also spoke about those two dorms not having enough space for all of those who want to stay over the summer, which may leave many students without a place to stay.

The Towers are in much need of renovation, and Residence Life hopes to transform the living and learning experience for students and residence of the Towers by this very first step



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