ResFest 2015.


Howard University’s Residence Life continues with yet another competitive week of ResFest. ResFest is a week of events that students from every dorm come together and form teams for various activities. These activities include a grand variety; from debate, to field day, even on to a comedy show. The two biggest events of them all are the stroll/dance show and the step show. Teams train nearly all year round to compete for the title ‘ResFest 2015 stroll/dance, step first place winner.  As Howard Residence Life continues the tradition, the theme this year was “The Hunger Games.”

Not only is it competitive for those who are representing the dorms in the events, but also for students as well. Each dorm is given a certain amount of tickets, and residence must wait in line from sometimes 8 a.m and noon for tickets to these events. Overzealous and anticipatory, each student comes to these events ready to represent his or her dorm. When coming to these events the dorms’ entire signature cheers are shouted throughout Burr Gym, and Cramton Auditorium. These chants are, “Q.U.A.D, Awww Yeah!” “22…25, We Are…So Fly,” “Drew Hall!” “Who’s Hot? Mdot”, etc.. “I fell like this event bridges student community, I love how all the students come out to support their dorms. This years theme is The Hunger Games, which is based on the movie and thats really fitting because ResFest is a huge competition that students prepare themselves for all year long.” Says Nayah Harper, ResFest 2015Volunteer.

ResFest is a great opportunity for no matter what dorms come out on top, it’s always fun to see students get excited about their dorms and show school pride.

Below are links to the stroll and step show 2014 ResFest winners. – STROLL – STEP


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